Revised December 1, 2007


  1. The stallion service is donated. The service will be auctioned with the bidding starting at the stallion’s current service fee. When the service is sold at auction, sealed bids will be accepted if received one week prior to the auction. A check must accompany the sealed bids. Service fees must be paid the day of the auction. If a live bid exceeds the sealed bid the check will be returned promptly to the bidder, immediately after the auction. A stallion owner may bid on his own donated service whether there is one or two services being donated. If the service is not sold, the stallion owner/lessee, has the option to purchase the service at the current fee, but must do so within 10 days after the auction. The owner/lessee will be notified by the stallion futurity chairman if that said service did not sell.
  2. Neither the Ohio Percheron Breeders Association (OPBA) nor the Stallion Futurity Committee will intervene between the buyer of the stallion service and the stallion owner. All contracts, arrangements and negotiations that arise in the service of any mare designated for the OPBA’s sponsored Stallion Futurity will be strictly between the mare owner and the stallion owners. Not all stallion owners will offer shipped semen. Successful purchasers of the stallion service will be responsible for making all arrangements for breeding with the owner of the stallion.
  3. A refund for the amount paid for the purchased stallion will only be made if the stallion dies before the designated mare has been bred. If the mare owner questions the fertility of the stallion service purchased, the mare owner must pay for the stallion fertility testing. If the stallion is found not to be fertile, the stallion service fee will be returned to the purchaser of the stallion service.
  4. Services donated for the auction will be taken on a first come basis. Only two weanlings sired by each qualified percheron stallion will be eligible to compete.


  1. The OPBA will retain 10% of the auctions proceeds plus any accumulated interest. The cost of performing parent verification of the first place foals; will be paid by the OPBA out of the auction proceeds.
  2. Prize money will be paid up to eight places in each class. There will be one class for fillies and one class for stud foals. The weanling owner will receive 75% of the purse and the stallion owner will receive 25% of the purse.
    1ST PRIZE 30%
    2ND PRIZE 20%
    3RD PRIZE 15%
    4TH PRIZE 10%
    5TH PRIZE 10%
    6TH PRIZE 5%
    7TH PRIZE 5%
    8TH PRIZE 5%
  3. OPBA will be in charge of obtaining the judge prior to the show.


  1. To be eligible for the competition, a copy (FRONT AND BACK) of the registration papers for the designated mare bred by the purchased stallion service must be received by the OPBA before December 20 of the year the mare was bred. If this is not received by December 20, the foal will be disqualified. Correspondence will be mailed out in early December as a reminder. You will also be required to pull 50 hairs from the designated mare at this time and forward them (in the enclosed envelope that will be sent with your reminder letter) along with the copy of the registration paper to the chairman of the OPBA Stallion Futurity. This will assist with the DNA testing of the first place winners at the show.
  2. The designated mare must be owned by the person that purchased the stallion service. No leased mares are permitted. Purchased stallion services are not transferable. A bred mare is transferable. The right of the designated mares foal cannot be postponed to the following year.
  3. If the mare is sold after being bred to a purchased stallion service, all futurity rights of the foal will be transferred to the new mare owner.
  4. A copy of the foals registration papers (FRONT AND BACK) must be furnished to the OPBA at leased one month prior to the show. A notice will be sent out in advance of the show.
  5. All foals shown in the futurity may be subject to parentage verification as deemed necessary by the OPBA following the competition. Any discrepancies will force disqualification. If there is any question of the parentage of any foal the cost of the DNA test will be the responsibility of the foal owner.
  6. The owner of the weanling showing in the futurity sponsored by the OPBA must be a current member of either the OPBA or the Percheron Horse Association of America.
  7. All weanling owners are responsible for stabling arrangements at the stallion futurity show.